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Colleges & Universities

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Malaysia welcomes international students from various countries to pursue their higher education here. There are numerous public and private institutions of higher learning that provide a diverse range of courses in various areas of specialisation. The availability of external degree programmes and twinning programmes are among the factors that make Malaysia a preferred destination for higher education.

Private Colleges

A wide range of study options await international students at Malaysian private colleges. Students can choose from pre-university programmes, franchised degree programmes, professional and semi-professional courses, to English courses, internationally-rated internal Certificate or Diploma programmes and many more.

One of the most popular choices among both local and foreign student is the 3+0 programme. Under this arrangement, private colleges are given permission by their foreign partner university (or host university) to conduct the entire degree programme in Malaysia. Thus, students can obtain a British, American, Australian, French, New Zealand or Canadian degree entirely in Malaysia without going overseas.

Alternatively, students can opt for the 2+1 split degree programme to complete their final year at overseas institutions. In both options, the degree qualification will be awarded by the foreign partner university. Credit Transfer Programmes and Advanced Standing Programmes are other collaborative efforts with overseas universities.

A high number of international students choose Malaysia for pre-university programmes such as GCE Levels, South Australian Matriculation (SAM), Western Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) and Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP).

Students who intend to sit for external professional examinations will be happy to find that these colleges are well-equipped to prepare them for qualifications such as MICPA, MIA, ACCA-UK, ICSA-UK, CIMA-UK, CPA-AustraliaIEM and EC-IK. Postgraduate programmes are also offered in collaboration with foreign universities.

Branch Campuses of Foreign Universities

The establishment of foreign university branch campuses in Malaysia reflects the high standards of education here. Offering identical degree qualifications as the main.parent campus, these branch campuses also ensure that the same course materials and quality of education. Students can enjoy many privileges such as automatic registration as a student at the parent campus and an opportunity to spend one or more semesters at the parent campus with no disruption to their studies. Hence, by enrolling in a branch campus in Malaysia, international students can obtain the same degrees as the main campus in Australia or United Kingdom, at a fraction of the cost. Area of study range from university foundation programmes, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees to Postgraduate Courses in various fields including Business, Applied Science, Engineering, Information Technology and Medicine.

Private Universities And University-Colleges

Malaysia offers a wide choice of locally grown private universities and university-colleges, which award their own qualifications. Benchmarked againts international standards, these universities and university colleges meet the standard criteria and stringent requirement set by the National Accredation Board (LAN). International students can pursue a wide range of courses such as pre-university programmes, Diploma’s as well as Bachelor’s, Master’s and Postgraduate Degrees. The worldwide recognition, coupled with the reasonable fee make these establishments a popular choice for both local and international students.

International University

The International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) is the only international public university in the country. It operates under a Board representated by the university’s sponsoring governments and organisations, which include Malaysia (host country), the Maldives, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC). It offers a wide range of courses in various disciplines including Economics, Law and Science.

Public Higher Education Institutions

Public higher education institutions in the country comprise of universities, university-colleges, community colleges, coleges and polytechnics. Public universities can be found in almost all states in the country and the courses offered range from Arts, Humanities, Engineering, Science to Information Technology and many more. International students have the opportunity to further their studies in public universities and university-colleges, especially in postgraduate programmes.