Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is fast emerging as a centre for educational excellence in the region. There are many colleges and universities that offer top-notch education. A number of colleges and universities are affiliated with reputable overseas univeristies. Malaysia is also the pioneer in this region to have branch campuses of foreign universities. The establishment of these foreign university branch campuses reflects the high-level of confidence in Malaysia as a provider of quality education.

The abundant natural marvels, sunny tropical weather, colourful festivals as well as the warm and friendly locals will enrich your learning experience and make your stay in the country thoroughly enjoyable. So pack your knapsacks, Malaysia awaits you with endless opportunities for learning, adventure and fun.

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Advantages for International Students

As a regional centre for educational excellence, Malaysia offers many advantages for international students:

Internationally Recognised Qualifications

Enjoy high standards of education and internationally recognised programmes. Qualifications obtained here are on par with those offered in Europe, United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

International Affiliations

Many colleges and universities work in collaboration with reputable foreign universities in United Kingdom, Australia, United States and Canada. Students can take advantage of the cost-saving twinning programmes and credit transfers to obtain a foreign Degrees at a reasonable cost. Choose from the unique 3+0 programme to study in Malaysia or 2+1 programmes to complete the final year overseas.

An extensive Range of Options

Students will find an extensive range of options for their studies, consisting of both academic and skill-based fields. Choose from tradionally popular courses such as Engineering and Medicine or opt for Business Administration, Computer Science and Information Technology. A growing number of institutions are offering qualifications in Art & Design, Music, Theatre, Fashion as well as Culinary Arts.

English as the Medium of Instruction

English is used as the primary medium of instruction in private schools, private colleges and universities, as well as in most public universities in Malaysia. Libraries are well-stocked with books and reference materials in English.


Malaysia offers greatly affordable education compared to traditionally popular countries such as the United Kingdom and United States. Students can take advantage of the reasonable tuition fees imposed by the educational institutions.

Cost of Living

The relatively lower cost of living in Malaysia makes it a highly appealing destination for the international student population. Most colleges are situated near or close to accommodation facilities such as college hostels or private accommodations (services apartments, link houses or condominiums) which are available for a reasonable rental fee. Transportation costs (such as train and bus fares) as well as food and beverages are also reasonably priced.

Knowledge and Skills

Students can gain various skills through innovative teaching methods, practical trainings, industrial internships and state-of-the-art facilities that are offered by Malaysian colleges and universities.

Political Stability and Safety

Malaysia is one of the safest country in the region, and parents as well as students can rest assured that the warm hospitality of the locals will make studying here a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Hassle-free Entry Formalities

Malaysia offer hassle-free immigration procedures. Upon arrival, international students will be greeted at the airport by representatives from the respective higher educational establishment. All the necessary arrangements, such as accommodation and transportation will be taken care of, to ensure that the student’s first day in the country is pleasant and stress-free.